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Monday, March 22, 2010


So it's been a huge while since I've last blogged - two months ago was my last post! Geez!

Anywho, I'm still on a mission to lose weight and get healthy. Still been exercising, but some days I have to literally make myself. I wish I could just get back to that part in my life where I truely loved doing it and my body craved it. Hopefully it'll happen soon.

On another note, a goal I've been pondering on is really getting my businesses off the ground. Currently I'm an advisor with lia sophia jewelry (www.liasophia.com/stephalaniz) and with Mary Kay. I've haven't invested much in my Mary Kay business just yet. But with both of these fabulous companies I am hoping to earn a little something this year. I don't want to depend on others for my money (aka: a J.O.B.) and I want to be independent.

Below is one of my fav Nourishine Lip Glosses from Mary Kay called Coral Rose - awesome color for summer time!

Below is one of my fav lia sophia rings called Structure. Goes with just about anything.