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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do You Want It Bad Enough?!

 This is a question or statement that was posed to me the other day. I was talking with my son about a goal I have right now. I REALLY, REALLY want this Oakley gym bag because I'm currenlty using a school backpack that my daughter no longer uses as a gym bag.

Well, I told him I was struggling with bad eating and wasn't losing weight. His reply was "Well, you must not want it bad enough." AND you know what...he's right. I must not want the bag or to be at my ideal weight bad enough. Wait...hold on there...I always talk about it. About getting down to my ideal weight and physique and I definitely workout all the time. So wouldn't that mean I want it bad enough?! I must not want it bad enough if I can't even put my eating habits in check. How is it that something so small can impact your life so much?

So on top of not eating healthy the last 3 - 4 days, I hadn't worked out either. I went last night though...I wasn't going to make it 4 days in a row of no workouts. And since I hadn't worked out in so long, I totally forgot my heart rate monitor. Normally, I wouldn't have pushed as hard since I didn't have it but something came over me last night and I did. My HRM gives me a sort of "peace of mind" cause I can see the calories I'm burning. It makes me feel like I've worked hard or maybe not hard enough. I've become really dependant upon it.

Starting today, I am getting it together. I don't want to say I'm getting strict with myself because I think that creates mind tricks for me. I am definitely going to be more conscience of what I'm eating. I can workout all day every day, but eating is my downfall. Eating is what keeps me at "maintaining" and I don't want to maintain...I want to lose fat and become fit and toned!

Wish me luck!



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Little Reward...

After a hard workout I like to reward myself with a little sauna time! Look at this HAUT mess...sweat dripping out of my pores ;)