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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Insanity Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit


Today was the first official workout and I have been scared about it since I ordered the program - EEK! The warm up was not a warm up at all...at least not one I've done before (except when doing Insanity: The Asylum). It was 10 minutes of running and jumping AND then we got to stretch - ahaha! This video was only about 40 minutes but it keeps your heart pounding the entire time. I really liked it. It's a totally different way of training than I've done in the past. I can't wait to see what's in store for me tomorrow and the day after and the day after!

Meal 1 was PROATMEAL. Now if you don't know what that is...it's simply oatmeal and protein powder. This also a splash of almond milk, 1 tsp of chopped walnuts, and 1/2 cup of strawberries. It was good, but I'm not used to eating that much oatmeal. It's hard for me to eat 1/2 cup let alone 2/3 cups of this stuff. So it took me some time to get through it and that's ok.

Meal 2 was a very delish Egg Sandwich on a whole grain English Muffin. I used the light kind that only has 100 calories. Besides eggs, there is turkey bacon and a couple of slices of tomatoes. Loved this!

Meal 3 was good too! It was Black Bean Vegetable Soup from Amy's Organics with a half of a sandwich. The sandwich was made of light honey wheat bread, some spicy brown mustard, 2 thin slices of avocado, and some turkey breast lunch meat. Now I'm an avocado lover and I thought the "thin" slices wouldn't be enough, BUT they were. They gave it a hint of creaminess that just melted in my mouth ;)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 1: Insanity Fit Test

Hola peeps! Today was the start of my 60-day Insanity Transformation! Are you as excited as I am?!

So the actual test was pretty heart-pounding. It wasn't too hard, but I definitely was out of breathe and needed to rest here and there. Below are my results for Day 1.

Not too bad, I guess...

Here are my before pics. I'm hoping that when I take these again that that belly will be way trimmed!


Weight: 158.2
Arms: L - 11    R - 11
Thighs: L - 21.5   R - 21.25
Waist: 32
Hips: 39.75
Calves: L - 14.5   R - 14.75
Chest: 36.75


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Insanity...it's in my possession!

So I'm starting Insanity on Monday! I'm super excited and will blog and vlog every day...even when we're on the road with sports. 

Tomorrow I'll post my measurements and starting weight. Monday will be my Insanity Fit Test and then every time I have a Fit Test I remeasure and take my weight - that'll be about 2 weeks.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I don't get it....can someone explain?!

So what's up with people lately?! I'm sure we've been this way for a long time, but I guess my recent fascination with fitness and health has made me really open my eyes. Why is it that we as a society put a cost-limit on our health?! I don't understand!

How come I can talk to someone about fitness or health products that will help them get to where they want and will make them healthier, but once they hear about pricing it's another story. They can no longer "afford" it.

It's crazy that we as a society will spend hundreds of dollars on a freakin' purse but not on our own health - WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?! How about shoes? Or how about going out every weekend drinking? Are any of these purchases helping you to become or stay healthy or get you to your ideal body?! I think NOT! So how come we are willing to pay the price for those things, but not our own selves.

I've come to the conclusion that we will eventually pay the price for our health...whether we want to or not. Whether you do it now and get your whole body in shape OR later on when your diseased body can't take it any longer and you have to take tons of medications and visit the doctor multiple times a month. One way or another...WE WILL PAY!

Whether or not its now or later...well that's up to you!

I choose to do it now!

Friday Nite's Breakfast for Dinner...

We rarely have one of these nights, but I like to throw it in every once in a while. Despite us being off on the weekends, we still very rarely make breakfast. It's ashame...I know!

Anyways, so I decided to make some French Toast Sticks and eggs. It was only me and my daughter for dinner so I wasn't feeling too pressured to make something extravagant ;)

I got the recipe for the French Toast Sticks at The 30-Day Gourmet website.

Here is the TX toast all cut up in 3rds.

The egg mixture....

All soaked up in the egg mixture.

The finished product! They turned out really yummy!

I had a ton left over so those got froze. Whenever we need a quick little breakfast all we have to do is heat them up for a minute in the microwave. I'm on a mission to try to get as much frozen meals as I can before the Summer gets crazy. Next time I'll make some breakfast sandwiches that I know the family really enjoys.


Carne Asada Nite - YUMS!

So last Wednesday's dinner was Carne Asada with brown rice and guacamole. It was yummy!

I'm sure there are more authentic ways to make it, but this is how I learned how to do it and it's super EASY.

Browning the stew meat

Cooking the brown rice

The seasoning (Fiesta's Carne Guisada Seasoing) & Fresh guacamole

The finished product...YUMS!

All I did was basically follow the directions on the seasoning bottle...pretty simple!

Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie Night!

I love chicken pot pie...I think I've always loved it for it's creamy texture mixed with the flaky crust - ahaha! BUT I used to just buy those $1 microwave single-serve ones at the grocery store. I've never really looked at the ingredients but I'm sure they aren't the best quality. So when I learned how to make my own (at a workshop for learning about freezer cooking) I have made it ever since myself - no more grocery store versions here. I NOW KNOW WHAT IS GOING IN IT! And I can choose my ingredients so that they have less calories and more whole foods. The recipe is super simple, I got it from 30-Day Gourmet.

Sorry I have no finished product pic...we were so hungry and ready to eat it! There are never any leftovers of this at our house. And the best thing about this was that the chicken/veggie mixture is actually enough to make 2 pies. So I freeze 1/2 of it for another day...how great is that?!

Tonight is Carne Asada with brown rice and guacamole.

What are your favorite dishes to make for your family?