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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whoa...it's been a month and a HALF!!!

Wowsers....it's been that long since I last blogged. Somebody get the whip out!

So, what have you been up to?!

I'm super excited to tell you that the 3rd Annual Bikini Series has finally hit the internet waves! Yes ma'am...Karena and Katrina are at it again. Check out this video intro about the Bikini Series...

And here is the vid explaining the GRAND PRIZE up for grabs...

So it officially started last Tuesday (I think). And K&K have already dished out like 3 workouts for us - a couple of cardio seshs and then this bad boy (which I haven't done yet, BUT will today).

The series is 8 weeks long until the 1st day of Summer. I'm also sticking with Kathleen Tesori's Cutting Program - check it out here. K.T. is another of my fav fitness professionals to follow. Check out her 360 Fitness vid - I guarantee you'll love her as much as me!

So...are you going to join me in the Bikini Series?! Let's get this moving ladies!