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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fitness UPDATE!

I'm all over the place when it comes to my fitness regime. Are you the same way? I'll start something with good intentions of finishing the program whether its 60 days, 90 days, 12 weeks...whatever...but soon after I fall off the wagon because I want to do something else.

Well, you'll be sooo proud of me this time! I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer program. HOWEVER, I must insert that I am not following the nutrition plan nor am I following the workout program to a T. I started it mainly because I wanted to get back in the gymnasio, literally, and build some sexy mama muscles! And let me tell ya...this strength program is no joke. My upper body could literally not function properly for the first week or so. It was ridiculous...but in a good way. So tomorrow starts week 3 and let me tell ya...I haven't gotten bored or wanted to start another program. I'm wondering if it's because I'm forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone (entering the man zone of the gym). But I have equipped myself with "tools" that help me to figure out what I should be doing on what machines. I've made a journal that has my workouts in it (I just simply printed off the workouts from Bodybuilding.com and taped them into a small notebook) and I also downloaded the Bodybuilding.com app to my IPhone. This app shows all the exercises that I'm doing and even have a short video of proper form if you need it. With these two "tools" I have been able to go to the gym ALONE (without hubby or son) and have been able to complete my workouts. Now from time to time I have had to alter an exercise because I couldn't find the right machine or because the machine was taken by someone else. I do have to admit I get a little P.O.'d when there seems to always be someone on the machine I want to use...but I have to remind myself that it's not a big deal and I can still get in a good workout with some slight modifications. Anyhoo....week 3 is now 5 days of training...yippee!

So I mentioned that I was not following her plan to a T and that is because her plan requires NO CARDIO only strength training for the first 4 weeks. I've been doing a 10 minute warmup and anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes of cardio afterwards. I don't recall a day where I've done nothing but cardio so I have cut back on that and I'm ok with it. I have also added in some Tone It Up workouts when I was not feeling like I was getting a total body part worked. I love the Tone It Up girls' ab workouts...they are the BEST! The next day or so after doing one you'll feel like you are wearing a girdle...seriously...that is how much they WERK DEM ABS! ahaha!

And since today is an "off" day for Jamie's program I've decided to do all the Love Your Body workouts 2 times. This whole serious does not miss a beat when it comes to working you. You'll love it! Below are the videos from the series and it's all available on YouTube...

Give one or all of them a try TODAY!


This weekend we are in College Station...home to the 12th man...Texas A&M! And please don't think I'm crossing over - this girl is still a Longhorn fan \m/. My son is playing in a lacrosse tourney down here.

For lunch we stopped at Layne's. Its a chicken strip dive created by an Aggie for Aggies. What's on the menu?! Ding ding ding ding ding...CHICKEN STRIPS! Honestly there was nothing amazing about the place except for their "secret" sauce. I'd recommend it just because of the local feel of it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Purpose Driven Life

Hold up everybody...the book fell off the shelf for me this past Sunday. Pastor Rick Warren was on Oprah's Lifeclass talking about our purpose. I immediately grabbed my Kindle and downloaded the book. This book has made it's appearance in my life numerous times but I've always put it on the back burner. But not this time! There was something different, a power greater than myself telling me I needed to read it and I needed to read it NOW!

So welcome to today...day 3 of PDL! Here's something that just popped out at me:

"Without a purpose, life is motion without meaning, activity without direction, and events without reason. Without a purpose, life is trivial, petty, and pointless."


If you ever wonder what you are here for I suggest you get this book. The newly updated version comes with video intros and sermons from Pastor Warren.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

yOgA...is where it's at!

Do you do yoga? I love doing yoga...the bad thing is that I don't do it nearly as much as I'd like to. So in my day I have been watching yoga videos from Tara Stiles. Now all I want to do is get out of this place and go do some yoga...ASAP! Go grab your yoga mat folks...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ooo! Shiny! - Chapter 2 of Let. It. Go. OBS

Let me start off my saying...if you've never read this book GO OUT AND GET IT ASAP! Run to your closest Barnes & Noble...get on Amazon and download it to your Kindle...do what you must BUT get the dang book in your hands!

We are on chapter 2 right now and this book is sooo speaking to me! The author has a great way of just connecting with you...at least with me she does. It feels like a close, longtime friend giving me advice on how to live my life the way God intended us to.

So chapter 2 is about discovering what tangents are getting in your way. Things you do that are not necessary in your life but have become somewhat of an obsession and have caused you to lack in some other area of your life. For me that tangent is Facebook. I know, I know...we all are on FB these days. Its a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. It's a great way to make new friends. OR be apart of an online bible study! However, sometimes....ok a lot of the time I can get out of hand checking my news feed. Seriously...I can! So I've made some changes recently which have caused me to not be on FB so much - let's just say I'm only now getting on FB about half the time I was before. This addiction to FB was causing me to not be present when I was with my family. FB was more important - what tha?! What kind of mother does that make me?! UGH...I know...it's horrible. But changes are what are coming! I'm now more dedicated to becoming a spiritual person. One who gives her life over to God. He has the wheel in my life or so that is what I'm working towards. And it's hard let me tell ya. To go from thinking about God every once in a blue moon to deliberately thinking about Him everyday is a big step and something that is sometimes hard to remember to do. It's a lifestyle change that takes work. Work that I am willing to do.

What tangents are in your life that are causing you to lack in another area? We all have them...'fess up now!!!

I love this song...so enjoy!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New OBS: Let. It. Go.

I started a new bible today! We went to the gym and I read chapter 1 and part of chapter 2. It's already "speaking" to me. I love it when authors write and it's like they made the book just for you.

This book is about letting go of our control-freak tendencies and allowing God to take the wheel.

I also read Day 19 of May Cause Miracles. Today is about forgiving my ego's perception of my body. Forgiveness is the "F" word!

Have a great Sunday 😃

Friday, February 1, 2013

Guess Who Joined Emeals....

Did you guess?! Who is it?! MEEEEEE....

Yep, I finally took the plunge after my friend at work told me the great success she has had with the service. She sent me a sample Paleo menu for the week. I have not made all the recipes because they give you recipes for 7 days. And who cooks 7 days a week?! Well, not me at least - ahaha! So at this point I've made 3 of the meals and can I tell ya that I feel so much better eating this way. I'm not bloated and super full like before. And for this one week it did seem as though I saved some dinero at the store. It's like lately I'm not walking out of the grocery store without spending between $150 - $200 a WEEK - EEK! And at this point I'm going through Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey - so spending that amount a week is not bueno...

eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

 Dinner has been a hard meal to control my eating. I can do good all day at work and then when I get home it's a whole other story. Sad to say but true! So I'm not sure exactly what the Paleo diet consists of but all I know is that for dinner I'm eating more lean and clean. Not so much carbs at night which is what I need. I'm the kind of girl that seems to get stuck in a rut and make the same thing over and over. And then you have to have sides...what tha?! Same 'ol mac and cheese, potatoes, green beans...

So I'm excited to start this journey with Emeals....

You should check it out if you are struggling like myself!

Check ya later!