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Friday, November 4, 2011

My Country Music Likes...

I haven't always been a huge country music fan, especially in my younger years. I was a Latin Hip-Hop, R&B kind of girl with the occassional Rap thrown in there. Not until my hubby (boyfriend/baby daddy at the time) started making me listen to it. He didn't grow up on country either...he HAD to go through baseball practice listening to it thanks to his coach.

So I started out listening to guys like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and George Strait...a little Garth Brooks and Faith Hill. However, I've never really enjoyed female country artists like I did the males. I just don't know why. At least not until now...


She just has a bad-ass kind of girl attitude! You can't help but love her. We went to her concert back in October and man can she put on a show. My hubby even enjoyed himself. This was the first female artist concert I had ever wanted to go to and I must say I was soooo pleased!

So check out Miranda...you may find that you like her too :)