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Friday, November 30, 2012

A Much Needed Challenge...

I'm super stoked y'all...my Beachbody Coach is hosting a challenge that I have been excepted to! Yippee! I so need this challenge to hold me accountable. My goal for the rest of the year was to simply "maintain"...I have failed to do that. I know...how hard can it be to "maintain"?! Well, ya can't do it if you are eating like a piglet and not working out.

So this challenge is called Eat Cleaner. Train Meaner. Get Leaner. And it starts.......NEXT TUESDAY! We have to post all our meals and workouts for the day on a private FB group page, incorporate a Beachbody program, drink Shakeology, and take our measurements and weight on Monday.

It's great because I'm starting Turbo Fire on Monday and have scheduled all my workouts for the morning along with some Tone It Up strength training and yoga in there. I know it sounds like a lot, but really the yoga part is what I consider my "stretching" and it's at the most 15 minutes. I'll be doing some Tara Stiles videos from You Tube.

Next up on the list is to go grocery shopping! My fav. I definitely want to make a stop at Whole Foods for some good veggies and free range meats.

Today is day 5 of CJ's Challenge - woop woop! Let's see what is in store for me today!

Chao baby!

Cheers to 2013...

BTW - if you're interested in joining me on this Eat Cleaner. Train Meaner. Get Leaner. challenge just let me know. We can do it together!