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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Insanity: The Asylum FINALLY ARRIVED!

So, it arrived on Monday - YIPPEE! I went home ready to take on the challenge of the fitness test and the Day 1 workout. WELL, let's just say that didn't happen. I did the fitness test and that's about it. Man, in the 25 minutes it took for the test I burned 295 calories and was exhausted. BUT that is how Shaun T brings it, right?!

Yesterday, I did the Day 1 scheduled workout for agility and speed. My left side of my body is SOOO not coordinated. I seriously had a hard time getting it to function properly. I don't know how many times I said "What tha HELL!" - ahaha!

Anyhoo...I survived! I feel like I can only get better from here. Today's workout is strength so we'll see how I stand up to that one!

OH and I almost forgot to mention that my hubby took the fitness test last night and he did the Day 1 workout during his lunch today. I'm so proud of him! It was definitely a struggle for him and he's a very active and fit guy.

I must say that I REALLY like Shaun T! Now I'm a girl who only has ever bought workout DVDs by other women. I'm a female so I figured it only right to get workouts done by other females. WELL...Mr. Shaun T has really won me over. I already feel like an athlete after one workout...but this athlete has a ways to go. I probably should have started out with Insanity, but its too late I've already gotten Asylum and I'm sticking with it. Once my 30 days is complete though...watch out cause I'm going to order Insanity and do the 30 day hybrid workout!! This sista is going to be bangin' for her birthday in November and for Christmas and for New Year's. Are you going to be bangin'?!

Join me on my journey to health and fitness...


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