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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Challenge Time!

It's Challenge Time! I am challenging all of you to do Chalene Johnson's Turbo Fire with ME! For the next 90 days we will TEAR IT UP!

My family will be going on vacation to Florida very soon. We all know that sometimes when we go on vacation, we can think that our diet and exercise program can go on vacation too. That is definitely not the case!

While on vacation, I plan to still be very active and get some sort of exercise in. It may not be what I'm used to but we'll have to work with what we have access to...right?! As for my eating habits, that is another story as I will be at the wonderful world of Disney...DISNEY WORLD...for a whole week! I can only imagine how much unhealthy, great tasting food is there. It's a "mind over matter" issue with me when it comes to food. I can't control myself...but being away from home for that amount of time is going to really test me. AND I'm up for the challenge.

Once I come home, I want to start this exercise program that is guaranteed to burn muchos calories. So please join me in my Turbo Fire challenge! 

Day 1 of this program will start on Sunday, August 7th. So order yours on my site in enough time to get it BEFORE that date.


Please email me (stephanie.alaniz@gmail.com) if you'll be participating!

P.S. - It's day 14 of the No Soda Challenge!



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