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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jibber Jabber...

Announcing my SODA CHALLENGE:

So, I've decided to quit soda and that is a hard task for me. Now, I'm not a hard core soda drinker and I may have one a day but not every day. Sometimes it turns out to be two a day...and that's on rare occassions. So I'm not one of those people who consumes a soda from the time I get out of bed until the time I return to it at night.

My fav soda is Diet Dr. Pepper and I must say that it goes down REAL good when its in a nicely iced cup. Anyways, soda whether diet or not is not a great option for hydrating/fueling your body. I kind of think of it as liquid candy for your taste buds.

I decided on June 30th, out of the blue, to give it up for a month. I officially started on Friday, July 1st and have had much success. Although I've been tempted and I have craved a Diet Dr.Pepper several times, I have not caved in. I've replaced my "addiction" with water and tea and on occassion fresh lemonade and kombucha from the Farmer's Market. 

So let's salute to me on my first full week of being soda free! YAY!

New Addiction: Vanilla Rooibos Tea

With the soda challenge in full force, I've picked up an old addiction - Tazo's Vanilla Rooibos Tea. I LUV THIS STUFF!

I was introduced to this loveliness about 3 or so years ago when it first was introduced at Starbucks and I believe it was in the winter time too. So you can only imagine how this warm concoction just made me feel all fuzzy inside on a cold winter morning! However, this drink does not come in a cold version so that's a bum. Once they started offering the tea bags for sale I picked me up one. Now I can enjoy it cold any time of the day or week!

New Shoes...

We went to the mall this weekend and stopped by Skechers to get my daughter some new tennis shoes. She wanted some like me so we asked the sales woman what the smallest size was that they came in for womens' sizes. Can you believe that my daughter walked out of the store with a size 6.5 shoe?! That's the size that I wear! Guess we'll be sharing soon - haha! Not sure if that is good for me or her...

Anyhoo, while there we discovered that they were having a sale so I got me another pair of Tone-Ups Run. I can not tell you how much I love these shoes. They are so freakin' light weight and you can totally bend these shoes. They are kind of like socks on your feet...not all bulky like some shoes tend to be. I bought the black/white ones on Saturday and the pink ones back in May.


And now they offer them in Mens...



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