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Monday, January 16, 2012

It's time for NO MORE EXCUSES...

The last day of the holidays officially is over for me...my daughter's birthday was last week! Yay! And I mean that in a good way...she's 9 now and I can finally not have all this bad food in my face.

So, I'm getting serious folks. I should be losing weight...not gaining it. This week I will do double workouts 3 times a week along with my regular P90X2 schedule. P90X2 will continue to be done first thing in the morning. Then at lunch I will go to the company gym and do a quick 30 minute workout. I really can not stand the way I look right now.

So wish me luck folks. We all know I need help with my eating!

Oh and I've started a bible study called Made to Crave. If you have done it let me know your thoughts on it.



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