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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hydration is a VERY important thing whether you play sports, workout, and even if you maintain an inactive lifestyle.

I have experienced the affects of not being properly hydrated with my own workouts in the last 2 weeks. Doing TurboFire after a day of not drinking enough H2O is no bueno! I started getting side pains which made it difficult to perform at the level I wanted. I hated it!

This brings me to another point, kids and adults who play sports. The coaches are always telling them to hydrate WAY before they practice or play a game. You can definitely tell when someone hasn't hydrated well - their playing abilities aren't up to par. AND you didn't spend all your time practicing to give it up in a game because you didn't drink your H2O.

And even if you live an inactive lifestyle, your body still needs enough water to maintain its current levels. You will feel hungry, moody, possibly get headaches, and your metabolism will decline.

So EVERYONE needs water. Try to lay off the sodas and sugary drinks.

Here's to our health...CHEERS!



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