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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ooo! Shiny! - Chapter 2 of Let. It. Go. OBS

Let me start off my saying...if you've never read this book GO OUT AND GET IT ASAP! Run to your closest Barnes & Noble...get on Amazon and download it to your Kindle...do what you must BUT get the dang book in your hands!

We are on chapter 2 right now and this book is sooo speaking to me! The author has a great way of just connecting with you...at least with me she does. It feels like a close, longtime friend giving me advice on how to live my life the way God intended us to.

So chapter 2 is about discovering what tangents are getting in your way. Things you do that are not necessary in your life but have become somewhat of an obsession and have caused you to lack in some other area of your life. For me that tangent is Facebook. I know, I know...we all are on FB these days. Its a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. It's a great way to make new friends. OR be apart of an online bible study! However, sometimes....ok a lot of the time I can get out of hand checking my news feed. Seriously...I can! So I've made some changes recently which have caused me to not be on FB so much - let's just say I'm only now getting on FB about half the time I was before. This addiction to FB was causing me to not be present when I was with my family. FB was more important - what tha?! What kind of mother does that make me?! UGH...I know...it's horrible. But changes are what are coming! I'm now more dedicated to becoming a spiritual person. One who gives her life over to God. He has the wheel in my life or so that is what I'm working towards. And it's hard let me tell ya. To go from thinking about God every once in a blue moon to deliberately thinking about Him everyday is a big step and something that is sometimes hard to remember to do. It's a lifestyle change that takes work. Work that I am willing to do.

What tangents are in your life that are causing you to lack in another area? We all have them...'fess up now!!!

I love this song...so enjoy!

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