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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gettin' Serious! Seriously...30 Day Challenge

I'm challenging myself folks - want to join me?!

Here's the deal...I'm challenging myself to the following for the next 30 days:
  • Workout 6 days per week
  • Eat 5 - 6 meals per day
  • No sodas
  • No sweets (ie: cakes, cookies, candy)
Can you do this with me?! OF COURSE you can! Day 1 begins on Monday, April 9 so put it on your calendar. If you have any questions just ask away. I'm also on MyFitnessPal.com - I use this app to log my workouts and food. If  you want to, my username is TonedStef, request to be my friend!

I'll also be blogging about my days with what I've been eating, my workouts, my daily life.

So comment or message me that you want in. We can maybe even start a FB group for ACCOUNTABILITY!

Let me know...


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