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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Arochas Are On A Mission...

Well, well...Jeff's birthday is vastly approaching and both of us want to be leaner. So we've set out on a mission to lose 10lbs each by his birthday...June 18.

That gives us 7 weeks to do some DAMAGE!

While in the shower this morning, the place I tend to do most of my great thinking, we chatted about how we wanted to go about this mission. Here's our game plan:

1. Workout 6x per week
2. Replace 1 meal per day with Shakeology
3. Eat lean, green and clean for dinner - no carbs!

So today is the day we start. My weight this morning was 155.2. I'll check with Jeff again but he mentioned his was probably 225.

I've also started the TIU Bikini Challenge so that should help me along the way!

Good luck to all who are getting fit not only for Summer but for all the other seasons of the year! We deserve to be the best version of ourselves!

End the Trend ;)


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