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Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday Nite's Breakfast for Dinner...

We rarely have one of these nights, but I like to throw it in every once in a while. Despite us being off on the weekends, we still very rarely make breakfast. It's ashame...I know!

Anyways, so I decided to make some French Toast Sticks and eggs. It was only me and my daughter for dinner so I wasn't feeling too pressured to make something extravagant ;)

I got the recipe for the French Toast Sticks at The 30-Day Gourmet website.

Here is the TX toast all cut up in 3rds.

The egg mixture....

All soaked up in the egg mixture.

The finished product! They turned out really yummy!

I had a ton left over so those got froze. Whenever we need a quick little breakfast all we have to do is heat them up for a minute in the microwave. I'm on a mission to try to get as much frozen meals as I can before the Summer gets crazy. Next time I'll make some breakfast sandwiches that I know the family really enjoys.


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