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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Can Handle It!

Life has been a little chaotic this past week due to a major medical scare with my son. I can't help but think what if he was alone when this happened...what if...what if. Any parent would have the same thoughts running through their mind.

So since his emergency, I keep picturing him laying on the floor unconscious. It constantly runs through my mind. And honestly, I don't want to remember. I don't want those feelings again. But I've realized something...GOD ONLY GIVES YOU WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE.

My morning jog was phenomenal today. Seriously. While I'm jogging Eric Thomas is pumping through my earbuds with messages of T.G.I.M., Bud is enjoying himself as well and all of a sudden flashes of my son run across my mind. I try to ignore them but I'm on the verge of tears. I repeatedly tell myself...GOD GIVES YOU WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE. I jogged longer than I had ever jogged since starting back up with ease. God was with me and he showed me I could do it. That I could push through whatever it is that gets in my way.

I don't know why certain things happen to certain people or why this happened to our family. Maybe its a lesson for my son, maybe its a lesson for me or all of us. What I do know is that it is time to move forward and conquer all obstacles in our lives cause GOD ONLY GIVES YOU WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE.

Till the next time....

Q.O.T.D. ~ "Make the rest of your life the best of your life!" Eric Thomas

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