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Monday, October 1, 2012

Insanity Day 1

I started Insanity y'all! Today was the Fit Test and it still kicks my butt...

I followed my menu all day until I realized that after my 4th meal (@ 1:50pm) - I didn't have anything to hold me over until dinner. Good thing I had a Luna bar in my desk drawer. Dinner is the only meal that I'm not going hard core Insanity Diet, but the meals will still be healthy.

OMG y'all...I found out some AMAZING news today (at least to me it is)! The Crockin' Girls are coming to the ATX this Wednesday. So, I had to rush out to get their cookbook, I can't have them sign nothing right?! I met my mom at Costco since I knew it would be the cheapest there than at Barnes & Noble. And I was right...$20 instead of $33 at B&N. The quality of the book is awesome too so I understand why it is a little more costly.

When I got home I MADE myself do my leg workout. I just wasn't feeling it, but I have to stay accountable to myself the most and to my friends who I'm working out with too. I'm so used to letting myself down and I'm just fed up with it. It's become so easy to do it and the outcome is me in the same spot as I was before. If I continue on this path, my life will never be the way I envision it. I want big things y'all! 

Sexy legs are compliments of the Tone It Up girls!

Tomorrow's a new day guys! Let's werk it hard! Don't regret tomorrow...

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