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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Yesterday morning I took my dog Buddy for a morning jog and let me tell ya it was amazing! We haven't been jogging since it started getting cold...so like 2 months or so. And that's a long time when you really enjoy outdoor running. I'm a runner - ha! I may jog...but I'm a runner! Anyways, the feeling of just being out in the open air jogging down the pavement...there is just something about it. Holla at me if you feel me!

Anyways, my morning jogs are not just for exercise. That's a great reason to jog, but my NOW main reason for jogging in the early morning is to get my mind filled with the good stuff. The motivating and inspiring stuff. Now don't get me wrong...there are days when I like to blast DJ Khaled's Out Here Grindin' - that's my running jam!

I do this for the streets...the runners!
Sorry...got a little sidetracked! Anyways, so my morning jogs consist of listening to the good stuff. I like to fill my mind with goodness before it officially begins that way I can be more positive through out the day. But sometimes being positive is trying! My mornings are spent with Eric Thomas aka The Hip Hop Preacher. I never imagined myself someone who could run without listening to music but I now can. I love it. If you've never listened to him...check out his new mixtape. That's right a motivational speaker with a mixtape. The music that was put with his messages are so good. Go check it out here. I have both mixtapes downloaded on my IPhone plus a season of TGIM and anything FREE that I can find of his!

So, the point of this blog is basically to say that one thing I'm so grateful for is the ability to wake every morning and choose to go out in the world and fill my mind with the "good stuff". Ok...make it two things I'm grateful for...the ability to enjoy the beauty of the trees and inhale the crisp fresh air while I'm on my jogs. My jogs are now mediational for me...is that even a word?!

What are you thankful for today?

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