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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Freezer Cooking & Whatnot

Today is day 10 of INSANITY! Yes sir...

So I didn't wake up early to workout but I am going to do it after work today...I promise!!! Then I will follow it up with TIU's Cowabunga workout that came out yesterday on YouTube.

So off that topic and on to another....

Freezer cooking - does anyone else do it?!

I'm getting back in to it slowly, but I just have this urge to jump right in - ahaha! Yesterday I made French Toast Sticks from 30-Day Gourmet's e-book for daycare providers. They are super yummy but call for Texas Toast which I've only seen in white flour form. If you know where I can find this bread in wheat PLEASE tell me! Today I'm going to make McMom's Breakfast Sandwiches from The Family Homestead's website. Everyone liked these last time I made them so I'm gonna go with it again.

Here is a list of other recipes I plan to make in the month ahead to stock our freezer:

1. "Soup"ier Meatloaf
2. Cheddar Broccoli Soup
3. Taco Rice
4. Zippy Spaghetti Sauce

All of these are taken from the 30-Day Gourmet book entitled BIG Book of Freezer Cooking. I purchased an earlier version of this book years ago when I went to a freezer cooking workshop where I learned how to make their AMAZING homemade chicken pot pie.

So how do you keep your family out of the fast food lane?!


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