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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Operation Get Rid Of This Belly...


So today as I was getting ready for work I really noticed my belly. Not like I don't any other day, but today was different as I tried to keep sucking it in. As I was doing this I kept hearing Chalene Johnson say that your belly is usually the last place you'll lose the weight - WHAT?! It definitely is the first place I can tell when I've eaten bad or too many carbs.

Then I read an email from my friend that said "Today is exactly 5 months until your birthday!" After reading that I decided I have to do something...really do something and not just lolly gag around the situation anymore. I DON'T WANT TO BE 35 YEARS OLD WITH A CHUNKY BELLY! And don't forget this is not just for looks...this is for health reasons too. Belly fat is no bueno and with a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure we MUST get rid of this and stop it before it has a chance to develop.

It is also important to me to have my family eating healthy. So with this little project of mine I will be weeding out the bad stuff and replacing it with the good in my home. I might need to do a cleaning of my pantry!

Operation Get Rid Of This Belly is mostly about eating the right foods. I'm still going to go hard core with my workouts, but it's time that I really focus on my nutrition.

So bottoms up!



  1. I know! I need to get rid of my belly too! It's sooo chunky. Probably because I just ate an Al pastor taco. and you already know whats next...red bull!!

  2. ahaha Renae! It's the last to go...so disgusted to hear that!