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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back on FIYAH...

I have truly missed my "soul-mate" workout Turbo Fire. I did Fire 45 EZ yesterday and it kicked my booty. I'm so out of shape when it comes to Turbo Fire cardio! So with that, no strength training was done yesterday.

This morning I woke up ready to get my FIYAH burnin' and did Fire 30 and Stretch 10. Felt so damn good. I'm still a little winded since I haven't done Turbo in a long while. But it'll come back fast. The body is amazing like that!

I looked at the workout calendar that comes with  TF and I unknowingly did the first workout that is on the list. SOOO that must mean that I should do Turbo for 90 days.

I'll keep up the Turbo in the mornings and then do my strength training in the afternoons/evenings.

I did have a friend mention she wanted to do Insanity and was supposed to order it. So if by chance she did, then I'll switch to Insanity BUT until she tells me she's ready....IMMA BE A TURBO GIRL!

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