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Monday, September 17, 2012

Why I Drink Shakeology...

When I first heard of Shakeology, it was pitched to me as a meal replacment - that's it. So can you imagine my surprise when I went online to the lady's website who gave me the sample to see how much a bag...a 30 day supply cost. My immediate reaction was "Hell No!"

So pretty much I never tried the sample she gave me. It just sat in my pantry for months. Until...until the day that I was approached by another lady who was also a Beachbody coach but who lived all the way in Michigan. Suprisingly, she sent me a full page email explaining what exactly Shakeology was. It wasn't just a silly 'ol meal replacement like the ones you can buy at your local grocery store. HECK NO...this "meal replacement" is filled to the brim with all sorts of GREATNESS! Greatness that I can't even pronounce to say the least. It has your vitamins, your aminos, your minerals, your protein and carbs AND so much more. There are 70 ingredients in each serving of Shakeology.

So you may be asking...well what convinced you to spend your money on this stuff?! Well, plan and simple - I love the way it makes me feel. I feel so much better physically when I drink it and I also mentally feel much better about myself. I know that what is going in my body is the best of the best. For sure, when I first started drinking it I only looked at it for a weightloss solution but not anymore...it's more to me than that now. It's my secret to not ever being diagnosed with a lifelong disease that I'll have to take medications for (which is one of my worst fears). It's my way of knowing that when I drink it, I am getting my veggies in (and that can be hard for all of us). 

Now the plan is to get the family drinking it! My hubby drinks and loves it - especially if I make it for him. But my kids don't drink it and I'd love for them to, but they just look at it like it's some crazy, nasty drink they aren't interested in. So I've got to come up with a plan...

My whole point in writing this post is to tell you that I'm willing to pay for the price of my health NOW. When are you going to be willing to do it?! Why does our health carry a price tag with it? Why are we willing to spend money on things that do not make us healthy but given the opportunity to make a better choice we do not. And don't get me wrong...I struggle daily with making poor choices and I feel upset with myself about it. But every choice I make and that you make doesn't have to be a poor one. Pay for your health NOW so that you don't have to pay for it later with doctors visits or daily medication. And don't forget that all those medications out there...unfortunately have side effects that come along with them. Isn't that just crazy?!

Anyways...sorry for ranting!

Make your day a better one by making a choice that will benefit you in the long run............

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