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Monday, September 10, 2012

W.O.T.D. ~ 09.10.12

Today's workout started bright and early at 5am! I felt good afterwards...but I was strugglin' during it. I'll get it back though probably by next week I'll be up to par and doing better with breathing.

So today was officially day 4 of Turbo Fire and it consisted of  a LONG workout...

Today, or should I say this evening was pretty busy for me. I went grocery shopping after work and they had the perfect salad blend for me...kale & spinach.

Then  I picked up an old fav...Jennie O's Turkey Burgers. These are so good. Yeah, you have to cook them in a pan but they are so worth it.

Dinner tonight was a brewing in the crock pot (gotta love these things!) and it was a recipe from my new fav chicas - The Crockin' Girls. Best of all they are right here in Texas! We had their Slow Cooker Carne Guisada...yum-o!
I tried to do the burrito thing...but it was a hot mess. So I'd advise to eat the stew way or over rice.
Now I'm just prepping for tomorrow's dinner. And yes, it's another crock potter...I know what you're thinking "does this girl ever really cook?!". And yes I do, I've just fallen in love with crockin' and it's super easy. And now that I got crock pot liners...clean up is SUPER easy. Tomorrow will be a little busy for me as well - I have a meeting for a football committee I volunteered for. And YES again, it's taken me 12 years to get involved with my son's football. Hey...after all it is his senior year...I gotta do something!
Day 2 of reading PUSH by Chalene Johnson is underway. I'm actually reading it with another chica that I discovered started it yesterday. So I asked her if it'd be ok if we did it together and she agreed!

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