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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

W.O.T.D. ~ 09.12.12

I werked it early today! I got up early and did Core 20 and Stretch 40 from Turbo Fire. Core 20 is all about working every area of your core and not just your regular sit ups. Stretch 40 is amazing...its Chalene's version of yoga. It felt great to get in a really good stretch.

And today I decided to REALLY pay attention to what I'm eating. And let me tell ya my body is a talkin' to me. I'm striving for every 3 hours and as soon as 1 hour has passed my belly starts talking. I've also felt light-headed...like I just want to go lay down. And please don't think I'm not putting nourishing food in my body because I am. I went back to using MyFitnessPal to track my food's calories, water intake, and exercise. If you're on there or decide to join...my username is TonedStef. Come join the fun over there.

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