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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Biz Nuggets?!

Do you dream about your "dream life" like I do? I seriously do it EVERY DAY...seriously. Well, what are you doing to get to your dream life? What's your dream job? OR should I say how would you like to spend your time while making the money you need in order to have your dream life?

I realized early on that working a regular 9 - 5 wouldn't get me the lifestyle I wanted. I always knew that you needed to have your own business. Which is why I've dabbled in network-marketing for years. And I finally found my niche...I love fitness/health. Do you?! Do you love working out? Eating healthy? Or more like me...do you like trying to eat healthy?

Well, a funny thing I have just discovered, thanks to Marie Forleo, is the C.Y.P. Factor. Watch below to see if you have the C.Y.P. Factor about something you'd like to do in your life...

If health/fitness are your passion and you get the C.Y.P. Factor when thinking about doing it - contact ME!


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